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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 36080] - [Link]
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2005 12:42:48 GMT

I've created a "Live Sites" set of pages in Daisy:

I've also reworked two entries in Bugzilla to be included as planned:

I left out the info on how to check if it's actually Cocoon, since it 
was my intention to use that only as a "requirement" for being added to 
the list, not publicly available information.

> For the case you need a list of the bugs with the links to be added I 
> still have them - 

I've been searching in bugzilla and Jira (as a test) to find those 
actually entered, but it would be great if you could go over them once 
again and add the info to Daisy.

> We started to let people provide more information about their websites, 
> maybe something like "success stories" or at least additional infos (see 
> the bottom of the livesites page). This was the reason why we switched 
> to bugzilla while before that change the requests to be added to 
> livesites went just over the Cocoon users mailing list. I will be 
> disappointed if we now sent these additional info just to nirvana. With 
> our Daisy would it not even possible to add one additional page for each 
> livesite (that provided that additional info).

No no, it was never my intention to send the info to /dev/null. My idea 
was something along the lines of:

However, since I was no committer at the time (and I'm still not sure if 
I could do the proper check to see if a site is actually built with 
Cocoon), I hoped someone would pick this up. OTOH: if the info is in 
bugzilla the page could be reworked at one point in time and the info 
added then.

For now, I assume that actual appearance in the list is more important 
(pending the auto-export of Daisy into the official site) than adding 
the full content of the bugzilla entry.

> See the original bug description and comments to bug #32266 [1], where 
> we started with it. *grml* Somebody *has* changed the original bug 

:-) I noticed earlier on and had the same feeling.

> though the bottom of livesites page explicitely mentions to not do it 
> this way.
> [1]

What I'm currently left with is:
- does the page look clear enough as it is now?

- Is the separation per release worthwhile? It is when there are a lot 
of verbose entries per release, but if there are only a few sites per 
release, a few on the same page is propably easier to navigate.

- I propose to move all entries that have to do with the same release, 
whether 2.1.X-dev or 2.1.X (release) to the same page, like:

otherwise the list of releases gets very cluttered.

- what should we do with links that return errors? I.e. e.g. a Tomcat 
error or a plain 404?

Sorry I couldn't add more sites, running out of time.


Bye, Helma

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