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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: furious anger: portal broken
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2005 07:58:26 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> Jean-Baptiste,
> please mind your tone - A subject like the one above does not really
> help solving problems - and it's not the first time you're writing mails
> in this form (including the ones you send privately and not to the
> list). Usually I ignore such mails.
> If you want help or are interested in discussing things it's much easier
> for all of us if we try to solve a problem together rather than just
> doing finger pointing.
> The current svn is a development version, so it might happen that things
> work one day and are broken the other day. Of course, bugs/problems
> should be fixed in the final release. But as it is a development release
> it's not required that things have to be fixed immediately. We have time
> to solve problems until the final release is made (or the code freeze
> starts). In addition things sometimes change and improve. For example it
> took us some days to update from 2.1.7 to a recent 2.1.8-dev because
> some things in CForms changed and broke our whole web application.
> Ok, that's it on *that* subject (I hope), let's get into the technical
> discussion:
> Both, the JSR 168 and WSRP require the functionality to switch from http
> to https and back. Switching the protocol is only possible with absolute
> urls (for the switch itself). That's the reason why the LinkService now
> creates absolute urls.
> I tested the code on several applications and it works perfectly -
> getServerName() returns the correct value (and not localhost) - even on
> systems with virtual hosts. So the question is, is it just a
> configuration matter on your side or is there a different way to detect
> the current server name? If we are not able to detect the server name,
> it breaks jsr 168 and wsrp.
> So perhaps anyone has a better solution?

IIUC their situation is they have Apache doing proxying. So, you have>http://localhost:8080. Thus, the servlet 
container on 8080 sees the request having come to localhost.

One possible solution is to change the proxying to>, thus retaining the 
hostname. If this causes routing problems, because it uses the host's 
public IP address, add an entry such as:
to your /etc/hosts file on the server, and all should then work just fine.

Does that resolve the problem?

> We could improve the LinkService by creating relative links if the
> protocol is not changed - like it did before. So this would solve your
> use case, but it would not solve the real underlying problem.

Or to configure the server so that it knows what its host name is?

Regards, Upayavira

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