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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: [m2 build] status update
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 06:59:57 GMT
Great work, Jorg! Thanks!

The beta-1 of m2 will be available very soon, so when that's available
we can try to stick to that version instead of using something from svn.

One feature of m2 is transitive dependencies. Although this is a nice
feature - in theory - there are some caveats with this: it only works
100% if all projects have correct poms! Unfortunately most don't today -
if you find a project with a bad pom, please report it into the MEV
module of m2s jira.
With bad poms you end up with too many jars in your final application.
Therefore I think we should add all blocks as dependencies to the webapp
module and see which jars are there and then fix the poms one after the
other. When all poms are correct, we can remove the dependencies again.
I'll have a look into this over the weekend - if noone beats me in this.

Jorg, you turn off tests in your example below. Is this because most
tests in the blocks are failing? If so, we should really try to fix the
tests or remove them (as discussed recently).


Jorg Heymans wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just finished putting all blocks under m2 pom control, which
> means that we are able to compile the whole of trunk using m2 - yay!
> If you would like to test this, update your local copies, install a
> recent SVN version of m2 [1], then from $COCOON_HOME directory do
> "m2 -Dmaven.skip.test=true install"
> This will compile core, webapp + all blocks and place them in your local
> repository. Instead of "install" you can also do "package", which
> packages the jars without putting them in your local repo.
> Ignore all the warnings for now, but please report any dependency errors
> that may have slipped through.
> Note that its possible that you'll get an OOM exception, I'm still
> looking into this.
> My next steps will be
> - understand exactly what the RBGs (Real Block Guys) expect from maven
> - get the webapp going
> - see how m2 handles inclusion/exclusion of blocks
> Thanks,
> Jorg
> [1]

Carsten Ziegeler - Open Source Group, S&N AG

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