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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Question about Daisy to Forrest plugin
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 14:57:59 GMT
hepabolu wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>> CREATED IMAGE forms_field_datatype_relation.png => 409
>>> CREATED userdocs/actions/actions.xml => 425
> ....
>> <match pattern="forms_field_datatype_relation.png">
>>    <location 
>> src=";version=live&amp;partType=3"

>> />
>> </match>
>> <match pattern="userdocs/actions.xml">
>>    <location 
>> src=";includeNavigation=false&amp;locale=en_US&amp;version=live"

>> />
>> </match>
>> Note the daisy documentID is given as a parameter.
>> I'm no whizz with tools to do this kind of processing - anyone able to 
>> write an sed script (or something) to do this?
> Hmm, with some clever search and replace I could turn the documents into 
> a Daisy navigation document. This seems to be the same amount of work as 
> rewriting the logfile into your locationmap AND I can fix the 
> discrepancies there are between the current state of the docs and that 
> at the time of the import/logfile.

Yes, that is true. The disadvantage of this approach is you are left 
with an urlspace that has all those Daisy ID's in it. The plugin does 
not use Diasy's URL mapping yet.

> Will you still be needing the "match image name to daisyID" matching 
> after I have done the conversion? Or, does your plugin automatically 
> handle the conversion of an image "embedded" in a Daisy document?

It will be done in the location map, the matchers becomes much simpler 

<match pattern="*.daisy.png">


The conversion of urls to the *.daisy.png pattern is handled by the plugin.

> Ok. I'll go ahead and turn at least the documents into a Daisy 
> navigation document. I'll add it to the "legacy docs" site, so we can 
> rearrange the "official docs" any way we like until all legacy docs are 
> either moved or retired.

That's the advantage of using the daisy nav system. You have editing all 
in one place. We can address the URL space later if it becomes a problem.


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