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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Question about Daisy to Forrest plugin
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2005 20:57:21 GMT
hepabolu wrote:
> I'm wondering about the current state of your Daisy-to-Forrest plugin,
> is it possible to use it any time soon?

The plugin has been working with 1.2 for some time. Version 1.2 of Daisy 
had an http interface to the repository that the plugin used, it was 
removed during development of 1.3 (i.e. in the version in the Cocoon zone).

The good news is that the release version of 1.3 has an equivalent 
interface. Therefore, we need to upgrade the version of Daisy in the 
zone to the release version of 1.3. I don't have access to the zone to 
do this.

> Something else: the current Cocoon documentation site layout is
> described in various book.xml and site.xml files. It would be great if
> you could use those, but the only link between the current Daisy version
> and the old xdoc version of a document is in the conversion logfile that
> Bruno created when he imported the files in Daisy.

There is a locationmap in the 0.8 version of Forrest that defines where 
content is to be retrieved from. It would be possible to create a 
locationmap for all the entries in site.xml/book.xml files in the 
existing site. However, that is a long and tedious job, unless the 
logfile can be processed by something or other to produce the locationmap.

Where is the logfile?

> My idea is that you will have a very difficult time getting the old
> structure of the site imposed on the new Daisy output (whatever your
> plugin generates), due to the renumbering/renaming of the documents.
> Unless you have a very nifty conversion that takes this logfile and
> recreates the "old" names. But then again, this will not be 100% correct 
> since I have reshuffled a few of these documents into several new 
> documents, so hand tweaking would be necessary after each export.

I think our locationmap will solve this problem, it is designed so that 
the location of the source file need bear no resemblence to the 
requested URL.

> I'm thinking of recreating the complete navigation structure in Daisy,
> so you can use that as a "site.xml" version. Since that is a lot of
> work, I'd like to know if you have other ideas.

The plugin can use a combination of site.xml and daisy navigation 
documents. I'll take a look at the logfile and see if I think it is 
possible to auto generate the locationmap. Then as the Daisy documents 
become better managed we can gradually replace the site.xml stuff with 
daisy navigation.

If we can't auto generate the locationmap from the logs I would think it 
is easier to create a new navigation document in Daisy.


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