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From hepabolu <>
Subject Posters (was: Re: [GT2005] Cocoon GT Talks!)
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2005 12:30:30 GMT
Arje Cahn wrote:
>>BTW: at the conferences I usually attend, there is always the 
>>opportunity to put up posters, i.e. a large paper that explains the 
>>topic. Is there space available to put up poster boards with posters 
>>(either in A0 size or just plain A4 pages pasted together) 
>>for the talks 
>>"that don't make it"? Not to mention the cost.
> Could do. What do you have in mind exactly?

Well, you either need flipovers or posterboards (i.e. panels usually 
used to create "mobile walls" on which a poster can be glued or pinned). 
OTOH clean walls could work as well as long as you're allowed to stick 
something on it.

Posters are merely a written form of a presentation, usually the form of 
an article but one might be more creative. The usual format is A0, but 
printing on A0 paper is expensive, so I also see a lot of "posters" that 
are merely A4 papers glued together. Cheaper and easier to transport. 
For reference the poster is also available in A4 format for handout (or 
included in the conference proceedings).

A quick example from the top of my head: if I wanted to inform people of 
the Lepido project I would write an article on it's intention and 
current state, add links to the project page and the mailing list(s) and 
add a few screenshots of plugins in action. And maybe a small picture of 
the main participants so people can recognize them at the GetTogether 
and ask for further information (or offer their help).

Same idea for the sitemap browser.

Bye, Helma

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