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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: [GT2005] Cocoon GT Talks!
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 09:01:27 GMT
Starting from the idea that this day will be attended by people familiar 
with Cocoon but looking for extra information/help, I'd go for talks 
that explain parts of Cocoon (+1 = I go for the talk AND I agree with 

>> 01 - Torsten Schlabach:
>>     "All about URIs or: Find your sources
>>     (protocols from file:// to jcr:// and beyond)"
> It can get a bit technical but it's a powerful part of Cocoon that is 
> often not very well understood.


>> 02 - Carsten Ziegeler
>>     "Past, Present and Future of the Cocoon Portal"
> I know we've seen it at ApacheCon already, but IMHO the portal deserves 
> to be more visible


>> 04 - Andrew Savory
>>     "Simplifying Cocoon"
> Yes, bring us (what's good in) Rails!


>> 05 - Daniel Fagerström
>>     "Cocoon Blocks"
> Need to talk about the (near) future.

Since it's not "happening right now" and quite technical, I'd put this 
low on my list of "must hear".

>> 06 - Sylvain Wallez
>>     "Something about AJAX"
> How could we not have ajax in amsterdam?


>> 07 - Bertrand Delacretaz
>>     "Cocoon Bricks: best practices by example"   
> Back to Earth..


>> 03 - Torsten Curdt
>>     "Rapid application development with cocoon - javaflow and the
>>     compiling class loader"
> Very close to be a must though


>> 09 - Andrew Savory / Massimo Sonego
>>     "What we get up to with Cocoon"
> Not sure about that one, if it's about success stories it could move to 
> the "must" category

Equally not sure. Success stories are nice, but I'd rather have an 
"HOWTO" talk.

>> 08 - Alfred Nathaniel
>>     "XSP Tips and Traps"
> A narrower audience probably, but still important

I'd put this lower on my list since XSP is not considered "best 
practice" any more.

>> 11 - Max Pfingsthorn
>>     "CForms libraries: How Cocoon forms libraries make your life easier"
> Specific to CForms development, but important as well...can we have a 
> second room? ;-)

+1 Good idea to team it up with Sylvain.

>> 13 - Jack Ivers / Joh Berry / Scott Roth / Vadim Gritsenko
>>     "Performance / XSLT processors running with Cocoon"
>> 14 - Nico Verwer
>>     "Performance / A case with very big XML documents (100's of megs)"
> These two could certainly be combined, but maybe a paper on performance 
> could be nearly as good as a talk (with the basic assumption that 
> there's not enough space for all talks, of course).


> Now to the "could be crossed out if space is missing" talks.
>> 10 - Michael Wechner
>>     "What Daisy, Hippo and Lenya can learn from each other!"
> We've had something very similar last year.

Same feeling here.

>> 12 - Lars Huttar
>>     "Sitemap Browser: Using Cocoon to Explore Cocoon Sitemaps"
> The tool in itself looks way cool, but maybe a good online demo with 
> some q&a time with Lars in another room for those who need it would also 
> be an efficient way of showing it.

Same feeling here.

BTW: at the conferences I usually attend, there is always the 
opportunity to put up posters, i.e. a large paper that explains the 
topic. Is there space available to put up poster boards with posters 
(either in A0 size or just plain A4 pages pasted together) for the talks 
"that don't make it"? Not to mention the cost.

Bye, Helma

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