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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: [CForms] Fixing samples, some questions arise
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 14:53:37 GMT
Jorg Heymans wrote:

> Yes remove it. Its description even uses the word "historical", which in
> software development terms usually means broken :-)

True, so I'll remove it.

>>3. Just committed two samples (in BRANCH) where I added a header with a
>>short description of the sample's purpose. WDYT? If there are no major
>>objections, I'll add this kind of headers to all Forms samples.
> good idea. Maybe you could graphically separate the short description a
> bit more somehow so its more clear where the description ends and where
> the actual sample starts.

:-) Have you actually LOOKED at the sample runtime? I've used the same 
CSS class as the group headers in the overview page of the samples, i.e. 
  blue background with dark blue bottom border (and the lower left 
corner rounded if you use Firefox).

Looks different enough to me. ;-)

Bye, Helma

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