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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Remove aspect datas in the portal
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 19:39:13 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

>The portal currently uses a highly configurable and absolutely
>complicated mechanism to add additional features to a coplet (or layout
>object): so called aspect datas.
>Two example (taken from the xconf configuration):
>           <aspect name="size"
>                        class="java.lang.Integer"
>                        store="session"
>                        auto-create="true"
>                        value="1"/>
>                <aspect name="fullScreen"
>                        class="java.lang.Boolean"
>                        store="temporary"
>                        auto-create="true"
>                        value="false"/>
>THis adds to values to each coplet indicating the default size of the
>coplet (normal) and defining the value for fullScreen.
>Now the basic idea of having this as some addition "stuff" was that not
>each and every portal makes use of this information and therefore it
>should be optional.
>Afaik, this stuff has not really been used (apart from the default
>configuration) and it is in addition very slow.
>As each and every coplet can also have attributes (a map) I think
>removing this feature does not really harm but makes the portal easier
>to understand. We should add the above information to the coplet as for
>a portal they should be standard stuff anyway.
>All other aspect datas - if there are any - can be easily transformed to
>Of course this is an incompatible change, but I think in the long term
>the portal can benefit from such simplications, so imho we should change
>this for the 2.2 version.
I know the sites we are currently generating don't look like portlets. 
i.e. they don't have any minimize, maximize, etc. buttons.  So if this 
can be easily achieved I guess I wouldn't have a problem with this - 
although it did make it awfully easy to add support for convertable 
events (see my other email).


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