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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: 2.1.8 (Was: Re: JING Transformer...)
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 08:02:53 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> So, here is what I suggest:
>   1) we attach a label to a 'branch' of a block, not to the block itself.
>   2) labels should not be 'stable', 'unstable' but 'bugfix' and 
> 'development', or something equivalently neutral in respect of stability 
> which is normally perceived as a measure of how well it remains working 
> in real life rather than how solid its contracts are (not everybody 
> thinks in terms of SoC like we do, especially not their managers and 
> CTOs, anyway). Or we could use the linux style of using odd/even numbers 
> to signify taht without having to find an appropriate name for it.
>   3) start having two branches for the blocks that require it (cforms is 
> a good candidate), then decide what branch to ship with what version.

In fact for most blocks we already have these branches. One contained in
and the other one for trunk. So we are already using these scheme and we
should make
it obvious to everyone. So big +1


Carsten Ziegeler - Open Source Group, S&N AG

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