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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [GT2005] Cocoon GT Talks!
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 07:07:13 GMT
Le 8 sept. 05, à 07:07, Arje Cahn a écrit :

> ...Could everyone who feels the need to do so please state his 
> opinion!?...

My opinion is that selecting which talks to run is a hard task, the 
best thing would be to setup a second track...but if it's not possible 
you'll have to make hard choices.

If a second track is not possible, how about having some lightning 
talks instead of just crossing out stuff? For some of the talks below, 
I guess people could prepare a demo online, or a paper, and be given 
5-10 minutes to present its essentials and make themselves visible for 
(out of stage) questions.

Here's my (personal and biased) attempt at classifying the talks, with 
a preference for talks which could help convince more people that 
Cocoon is for them. Flame at will.

The "must" talks, in no particular order:

> 01 - Torsten Schlabach:
> 	"All about URIs or: Find your sources
> 	(protocols from file:// to jcr:// and beyond)"
It can get a bit technical but it's a powerful part of Cocoon that is 
often not very well understood.

> 02 - Carsten Ziegeler
> 	"Past, Present and Future of the Cocoon Portal"
I know we've seen it at ApacheCon already, but IMHO the portal deserves 
to be more visible

> 04 - Andrew Savory
> 	"Simplifying Cocoon"
Yes, bring us (what's good in) Rails!

> 05 - Daniel Fagerström
> 	"Cocoon Blocks"
Need to talk about the (near) future.

> 06 - Sylvain Wallez
> 	"Something about AJAX"
How could we not have ajax in amsterdam?

> 07 - Bertrand Delacretaz
> 	"Cocoon Bricks: best practices by example"	
Back to Earth..

The "nice to have" talks, in order of preference from my biased point 
of view
Talks which (to me) seem to apply to a narrower audience, deeper 
technical stuff, etc.

> 03 - Torsten Curdt
> 	"Rapid application development with cocoon - javaflow and the
> 	compiling class loader"
Very close to be a must though

> 09 - Andrew Savory / Massimo Sonego
> 	"What we get up to with Cocoon"
Not sure about that one, if it's about success stories it could move to 
the "must" category

> 08 - Alfred Nathaniel
> 	"XSP Tips and Traps"
A narrower audience probably, but still important

> 11 - Max Pfingsthorn
> 	"CForms libraries: How Cocoon forms libraries make your life easier"
Specific to CForms development, but important as well...can we have a 
second room? ;-)

> 13 - Jack Ivers / Joh Berry / Scott Roth / Vadim Gritsenko
> 	"Performance / XSLT processors running with Cocoon"
> 14 - Nico Verwer
> 	"Performance / A case with very big XML documents (100's of megs)"
These two could certainly be combined, but maybe a paper on performance 
could be nearly as good as a talk (with the basic assumption that 
there's not enough space for all talks, of course).

Now to the "could be crossed out if space is missing" talks.

> 10 - Michael Wechner
> 	"What Daisy, Hippo and Lenya can learn from each other!"
We've had something very similar last year.

> 12 - Lars Huttar
> 	"Sitemap Browser: Using Cocoon to Explore Cocoon Sitemaps"
The tool in itself looks way cool, but maybe a good online demo with 
some q&a time with Lars in another room for those who need it would 
also be an efficient way of showing it.

Hope this helps,

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