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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Bricks example app in our whiteboard, WDYT?
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2005 09:19:38 GMT
Hi community,

I'm working on my "Bricks" example application for the GT [2] and I was 
thinking of putting the source code in our whiteboard, if people don't 

I don't want to make it a block as it contains the full source code of 
a (very simple) standalone application built on Cocoon, including a 
build system based on [1], and it's important to show how independent 
from a particular version of Cocoon that can be.

I guess this will be a one man show for now, and others might have 
different views of what an example app should be. So I'm not sure about 
where to host it, but no one objects I'd like to put it in our 
whiteboard for now.

The app uses all ASF components: Hivemind, OJB and Derby, so licenses 
are clean (some non-ASL things will be downloaded from ibiblio at build 
time, with an appropriate warning).

I know we don't have a precise policy for using the whiteboard, but I 
feel better by asking first. Please yell (politely ;-) if you don't 
like the idea.



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