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From K Sramko <>
Subject Re: extending I18nTransformer / Bundle / BundleFactory
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2010 15:37:11 GMT
Sorry for replying so late but I had have some trouble

Am Freitag, 23. September 2005 22:52 schrieb Mark Lundquist:

> > Is that what you mean?  Cocoon configuration is of course "at
> > runtime", but the feature I want would allow for setting up the
> > transformer in a way that is more dynamic:
> >
> > 	<transform type="i18n">
> > 		<catalogue location="blah/blah/whatever"/>	<!-- "whatever" gets
> > interesting/useful if it is surrounded by '{}' :-) -->	</transform>

Thats exactly my problem: I can't say, where the location of the catalogue is, 
because is it's written in a database. I can't even say, how much catalogues 
I have for a transformer. And the data in the catalogues can change as well 
as the location an nubmer of catalogues. I looked into the docs and found the 
mentioned import-actions, so I knew how to get the location of a catalogue 
dynamicly. But I haven't a solution for my second problem: the number of 
catalogues. The only thing, my boss toled me, maybe we could create a one 
catalogue out of the the others, to refer to just one file. But if you have a 
any solution, pleas give me a hint.

> >
> > The component instance would of course cache up these catalogues using
> > the normal cache key validity mechanism instead of the all-or-nothing
> > <cache-at-startup> configuration parameter...


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