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From "Kiril Sramko (" <>
Subject extending I18nTransformer / Bundle / BundleFactory
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 16:27:48 GMT
I'm new to cocoon-development, but have some experience on using. My boss gave me the
order, to extend the i18n-transformer to support:
- in runtime changing source-files for the message-xml-files
- get the location of the message-xml-files out of a database

He has done it himself for a previous version of cocoon by splitting the
into a abstract class, holding all logic for transforming i18n-tags, and a
I18nTransformerXmlCatalogue-class, containing the logic for the default
i18n-xml-cataloug-method of cocoon.

By updating cocoon, we would have always to change this classes and recompile it. Now
I've got to find a way to use cocoon-interfaces to prevent this work.

The interfaces are given:

But my problem is (maybe I don't unterstand it correct), before loading the
Bundle/BundleFatory, cocoon neads to know the location of the xml-message-files. But
the location in my case can change dynamicly. So I don't now, where to start.
- is it enought to write my own Bundle/BundleFactory-implementing-classes or do I have
to change the I18nTransformer
- how/where do I tell cocoon use my own classes implementing Bundle/BundleFactory
- does anybody knows, if org.apache.cocoon.transformation.I18nTransformer supports
dynamical reload of the Bundles, whenever the configuration/validation changes, or do
I have to patch the I18nTransformer
- will such patches be implemented in the official cocoon-repos, or do I have to make
these changes every time I update cocoon
- has somebody experience with such stuff

regards Kiril Sramko

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