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From BURGHARD Éric <>
Subject Re: Suggestion for XHTMLSerializer
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2005 22:16:34 GMT
Niclas Hedhman wrote:

> On Monday 08 August 2005 01:22, BURGHARD Éric wrote:
>> standard serializers are bugged.
> If we have bugs in the serializers, then let's address it.
> If we need more "types" of serializers, then we address that.

Read my answer to antonio, it will perhaps be more clear. XSLProcessor is
actually limited to the transformer role despite the fact it's a real
serializer outside cocoon (take a look at the spec: 20.serialization).

> Eric, I think the only thing that people get "hung up on" is the
> suggestion that there would come into existence a "fat" serializer where
> the output can not be determined by examining the input and its
> parameters, and that effectively a Turing-machine is sitting inside.

I would hang up on such a suggestion too. Can't you predict the effect of
<serialize type="xsl" src="xhtml.xsl"/> ? I think that a turing-machine is
sitting inside every component logic no ?

> But if you feel this serializer is necessary to get the work done, please
> be everyone's guest, make it, promote it and show all us non-enlightened
> of its beauty... ;o)

You enlighten me by pointing me so well to the right direction and forcing
me to reformulate my sentence and fine tune my poor english :-)


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