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From BURGHARD √Čric <>
Subject Re: Suggestion for XHTMLSerializer
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2005 21:50:41 GMT
> Why not collapse the entire pipeline into a single component as well, that
> would eliminate a massive amount of bugs and testing time of the Sitemap
> ;o)

It's a brillant idea, but it's yours :-D

> Componentization with semantically well-defined contracts in between, is a
> far better than large monoliths with innumerous permutations of

And who is talking about large monoliths now ;-) ?

> configuration, rules/exceptions, outcomes, side-effects and associated
> subtleties. Do one thing, and do it damn well. That is what we like about
> Cocoon... Adult Lego!

That's what i like in cocoon too.

> Virtualization of a pack of transformers, with optional Generator and
> Serializer seems like doing the job more elegantly. At least as much as I
> have understood reading this all.

I use virtual generator with an xmldb generator and some bunch of
transformers on my project to simplify some common pipelines. I found that
effectively usefull and elegant, but xslserialisation is not directly
related to virtualisation, even if you could stack (i know that you will
appreciate that as a componentizator :-) some transformers with an


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