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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r264667 - in /cocoon/gsoc/rgraham/refdoc/samples/annotated-code: doktor-about.txt doktor-future.txt doktor-usage.txt
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 07:45:48 GMT
Le 30 août 05, à 03:30, a écrit :

> ...Added the documents created that are to be published. Almost 
> completed the XSLT for publishing. Should be the next commit...

I've had a look at the current state and it looks good, I have just 
three small things to mention:

-The target JDK for Cocoon 2.2 is 1.4, we don't use 1.5-specific 
features like generics at this time. I've corrected the code where 
needed, but please keep this in mind for any changes.

-It would be good to make the refdoc samples self-contained, that is 
avoid the dependency on the slop block (which is not yet annotated in 
SVN). I think using "codebase" in the snippets sitemap instead of 
"slopbase" would enable that. The goal is to make refdoc testable as is 
from SVN, the only exception being IIUC the currently required lucene 
config patch.

-In the same way, it would be good to have all the information required 
to test the refdoc block on the http:// 
samples/blocks/refdoc/index.html page. I think you can get rid of the 
patch-README file and put the relevant info (Lucene config) on that 

Thanks for your work - as you mention more work will be needed to make 
this directly usable for our docs, but all the important parts seem to 
be there.


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