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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject When do we ask people for a CLA?
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 09:32:50 GMT
(CCing Jeremias Maerki of FOP as I have discussed this with him 

This is mostly a question for the PMC, but I see no need to discuss it 
in private so here we go:

Other ASF projects have started to request CLAs [1] much "earlier" when 
people contribute to their projects. The reason, IIUC, is to really 
make sure that contributors understand what they're doing in terms of 
licensing, copyright etc.

We have accepted several sizeable contributions without requiring a CLA 
in the past, now the question is, do we want to follow the flow and ask 
for CLAs for all contributions? A rule that seems to emerge (still 
unofficial AFAIK) is that as soon as the contribution contains at least 
one entirely new "object" (class, module, block?) a CLA is required.

On the plus side: the CLA "clearly defines the terms under which 
intellectual property has been contributed to the ASF", quoting from

The minus side: asking for a CLA even for small things (what's small?) 
might cause people to refrain from contributing, as this would mean 
some (easy) paperwork.


[1] talks about CLAs

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