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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Architectural concerns
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 11:23:42 GMT
>> And what about the root tag?
>> You want to keep the pipeline well-formed.
> Well Cocoon does not garantuee this. It is a common mistake (did it
> myself quite often) to forget in a XSLT stylesheet to always set a  
> root
> tag (<template match="/"><myroot>...).

That's true ...but still you want or even
need the pipelines to be well-formed ;)

>> Cocoon is *streaming* the XML through the pipelines.
>> That's what you would expect from a today's XML pipeline
>> architecture ...which is also the reason why you cannot
>> react on XML values inside the stream from the sitemap
>> level without buffering the whole process.
> I was thinking out-of-the-box about functional/conceptual  
> requirements.
> Your reply is about technical implemention/performance issues. Of  
> course
> these are sometimes hard to separate because you cannot build  
> something
> which is impossible (my computer still makes no breakfast). But  
> really,
> if you take a step back it is hard to explain to new XML pipeline  
> users
> why they can select on a request parameter but not on a XML field.

It might be something we have to explain to a user
but we have a *concept* of streaming pipelines so...
I am not sure if this is just an implementation
detail ...but anyway


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