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From Robert Graham <>
Subject Re: [GSoC] status reports?
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 22:29:08 GMT
Hello all,

Let me preface this by saying that I've really enjoyed this project
and everything that I've learned. I hope, time constraints under my
studies permitting, that I can continue to be a community member. I'm
working hard at the end to wrap it up and I think that it looks
something like the final goal for this project.


I have taught myself XSLT and learned a lot about Cocoon. I've even
picked up some information about SAX processing (I've really only got
previous experience with DOM). Though that has little to do with the
project's goals except that I have to be the achiever.

I have expanded the prototype code that Bertrand gave me in fixing
bugs, creating functionality that we needed for the project, and
learning about the technologies. The system now can be pointed at any
directory with little effort and used to create an index of doktor
comments that can even be searched. The app can generate an xml stream
enumerating only those snippets that correspond to the searched for
key and order them in an unsatisfactory but better than no order sort
of way.


I am not sure of issues in ordering the items with XSLT which I will
address in more detail in a moment. Hopefully I can get some feedback
and ideas on how to implement that. The last thing is simply that we
don't have a lot of time left and I'd like to finally publish
something detailing the work as it is and as it should be using the
system itself, but I'm not familiar with Forrest and even if I liked
the current state of the system I doubt I could create the desired
publication without guide and in time unless Forrest is far simpler
than Cocoon.

The ordering issues are fairly simple to describe. I can't make XSLT
do what I want. Most likely because I'm not too familiar with it. I
have snippets (many of them) in a file with attributes of key, type,
and name. I'd like to order them by type first which I've done. The
snippets that have the same name attribute, however, are related to
each other and should be ordered adjacent to each other. I can't see
how to get each (<snippet name="XXX">) with the same name attribute to
stick together without knowing the name attributes I'm interested in
beforehand. (look at ordering-neutral.xsl)

The last issue I have is a bug I haven't been able to solve. Sometimes
in the way of processing the comments and indexing them and them
grabbing the stored fields and processing them again I lose the actual
comment contents and haven't been able to locate this bug. I think
Bertrand may know what the issue is, however, as I think it has
something to do with the way I interact with his prototype code.

Hopefully get some initial feedback from this email while trying to
solve the three issues above. If I can't solve them I will in parallel
setup comments in the code I've written that will be there so I can
generate publishable documentation for the project (the goal). I will
then try to use Forrest and whatever other tools to get it into a
reasonable published form.

The issues are in my mind from most to least important: publishing,
ordering, content bug (as I think the solution to the last is simple,
but hard for me to see)

I'd be happy to clarify anything or provide more information. I thank
anyone who looks things over in advance for it and any help/advice
they may offer.

Robert Graham

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