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From Robert Graham <>
Subject Re: refdoc is about high-level docs (was: SLOP Patch - Added Doktor Comments)
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 17:21:05 GMT

> Of course the SlopGenerator is a dead simple component, others might
> need much more documentation, but I hope this shows my idea more
> precisely. Sorry about not communicating this better before.

I think that you had already gotten this across, I'm just not entirely
sure how to document some of the components. If you poke around the
SLOP block more, you'll see that at the bottom of every file I've
deveoted an area to doing nearly exactly what you're talking about.

I left in all the old 'javadoc style' comments because I wanted to
test multiple keys per file and just see how doktor would handle it. I
thought of it as a testing strategy albeit a lazy sort of one in that
I didn't really want to remove the old comments either. I isolated a
few issues using this strategy and fixed them. I can go through and
clean the SLOP comments up to something even more refined toward what
you're thinking without and extras, which I assume you'd want.

I'm also pretty much ready to figure out how to order the documents
and will have a sample ready pretty soon.


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