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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Maven, Gump and Blocks
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2005 20:31:06 GMT
Was: Re: [2.2] Past, present and future of the maven build

Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:

> Carsten Ziegeler wrote:


>> I think compiling a block with m2 is not a problem at all, just define a
>> pom with all dependencies and invoke "m2 install" :) Now, it would be
>> great if someone would start adding poms with dependencies to the 
>> blocks...
> Ok, get the message ;)
> Some thinking and planning is IMO needed though. We allready have all 
> (or most) dependency info for blocks in gump.xml. Keeping a global 
> gump.xml and block local POMs in synch doesn't sound like that much fun.
> So, could we move the block parts of the global gump.xml into the 
> blocks, so that we have the POMs and gump.xml at the same place. Or 
> better, can we generate the gump.xml from the POMs. Or even better, is 
> there some integration between gump and Maven, so that Gump can use 
> the POMs?

Studied the question a little bit more. There is a Maven1 plugin for
creating gump.xml from POMs, no port to m2 yet
though. The plugin is written in Jelly while m2 plugins are written in
Java so it takes some work to port it.

IMO the nicest solution would be to describe the dependency structure
with POMs, with some extra propoerties for Gump specific things: Then the
gump.xml will be automatically generated by the gump plugin.

The first version of the POMs could probably generated with xslt from
the current gump.xml.

I'm not a volonter, want to focus on the real blocks.



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