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From Christoph Hermann <>
Subject Re: Repost from users list: Cforms Repeater - Cancel delete action via javascript
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 13:30:47 GMT
Sylvain Wallez schrieb:


>> So i'm asking you: Is there a way to cancel a repeaters delete-row
>> action in case a certain condition is met?

> Hmm... the delete-row action accepts additional listeners, but those are
> not supposed to be able to cancel the action. The "Invalid return" error
> you get is because the on-action is a script snippet that has no return
> value.

---snip from #cocoon---
<timlarson_> Guschtello: I see Sylvain gave the same answer, plus a code
snippet :)
<timlarson_> Does it work for you?
<Guschtel_> So i implemented it using a simple fd:action
works fine, but i thought there would be a "better" way :)
<Guschtel_> works fine, but i thought there would be a "better" way :)
<timlarson_> Yes, it seems like the cocoon code should be changed to
allow the way you tried might want to send an email to that
effect to the dev list, if it bothers you much.
<timlarson_> sylvain did not seem to catch the idea that the cocoon code
should be changed, just that your first try would not work with the
current code.
<Guschtel_> You mean i should repost to make him rethink about it? ,)

Maybe the Cocoon Code c(sh)ould be changed to make this possible?
Imho it would be very "natural" to allow the javascript to cancel the
And it shouldn't be too difficult to implement this.


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