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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [2.2] Readd jx or move template block to core
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 09:38:09 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

>Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:

>>Seem like a technical question that we could solve in better ways than 
>>putting everything in core or using xslt as template language instead of 
>>The fact is that sucks badly, we need a build system 
>>that take block dependencies into account. When we could add whatever 
>>dependencies needed for the "basic Cocoon sample block" and then you 
>>just need to say that you want to build that.
>Agreed. Now, the m2 build works for the core now, you get a running
>Cocoon core.
Cool, could you post some instructions about how to use it. Like install 
m2, run m2 in the main directory or what it happen to be.

>Imho we should *now* forget about the ant script and start
>rearranging the core for the m2 build.

>This will break our complete
>build for some days or weeks,
Could you describe a little bit more about what will break and why it is 
necessary. Steps that prevents all work that not is build system related 
for a couple of weeks must be avoided at any cost, it really interrupts 
our community. I want to be able to continue the work on blocks, so that 
we have a little bit more to show at the GT and I assume other people 
have similar plans.

We need to approach this in an incremental way.

>but I fear otherwise we are just talking
>about things and never doing anything :)
Carsten, the magic formula is talking and coding, just talking does 
obviously not lead anywhere, just coding leads to one man shows, lack of 
community involvement and solutions that doesn't take the knowledge of 
the rest of the community into account.

I think we are a couple of people who are interested in the move to m2, 
write a mail about what needs to be done and what problems you are 
facing so that it becomes possible to the rest of us to take part in the 


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