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From Christoph Hermann <>
Subject Repost from users list: Cforms Repeater - Cancel delete action via javascript
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 07:57:19 GMT

i originally posted this question on the users list some time ago, but
nobody did respond. After some discussion on freenode/#cocoon i decided
to mail the dev list.

So i'm asking you: Is there a way to cancel a repeaters delete-row
action in case a certain condition is met?

I tried to put a javascript "return false;" in the on-action, but this
throws an error. (Invalid return)

I think there should be a simple way to prevent the action to be
performed, but i did not find anything in the docs. In the docs there is
only mentionned that the on-action is performed before the delete-row.

What i basically want to do is disable the deleting of rows that are
still referenced somewhere. I.e. you have two xml documents which
reference each other and you cannot delete a "parent"-row if there are
still "children" in another document referencing this element.

I'd be very happy if someone of you could help me with this.

With kind regards
Christoph Hermann

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