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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [GSoC] status reports?
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 17:42:09 GMT
Heh wrote:
> Since last discussion, I've been working on how to use rdf data source
> and xul template to
> populate XUL widgets, how to connect to cocoon using XMLHttpRequest
> and update widgets through js scripts. So far I am able to create
> simple examples to demonstrate those techniques (will be detailed in
> documents).
> Issues:
> (1) XUL template
> XUL template is hard to work with, it's a black box, no error
> reporting, all silient failures. You never know if the failures come
> from incorrectly formatted rdf file, or rdf file not loaded at all, or
> the template predicates unmatched, or the illegal template actions? I
> googled around, there seems no useful supporting tools for XUL
> tempate, and for a few times this top-ranked rants about xul template
> showed up:
> it recommeded to use mozilla JSLib to control the behavior of XUl
> widgets, I was thinking about that, what do u think?
> (by the way, what's Apache's policy regarding including other
> free/open source code?)

Did you turn on debug capabities in your firefox?

Go to 'about:config' and set/enable the following boolean properties


Another incredibly useful tool is the "extension developer's extension" 
that you can find at

This guy Ted needs some help on the skin side, but as far as code and 
functionality he kicks *major ass*, the XUL editor and the javascript 
shell are incredibly useful to prototype your code before you fragment 
your xul into content/style/entities/logic.

You can also find out more on this page

Ah, and yes, 'remote XUL' is notorious to be a stinking pain in the ass, 
due to the very security sensitive environment.

Stefano, who develops mostly on mozilla these days.

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