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From Robert Goene <>
Subject Re: Lucene Block 1.1
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 12:58:04 GMT
Thanks! I have included the lucene2.roles in the lenya.roles 
configuration. I assume i have to do some more configuration on the 
IndexManager part, because i get an error.

Do you happen to have an example of a complete configuration? I have 
some troubles finding some good documentation. Some URL's would be great 

Thanks again, Robert

Nicolas Maisonneuve wrote:
> sorry to forgot to answer to your question   ;-)
> the components declaration is differents between 2.1 and 2.2 . 
> in 2.2 the component declaration are in WEB-INF/xconf/ 
> (searchengine.xconf for the lucene block)
> in 2.1 you have to modify the cocoon.xconf  (i think you have to add
> user-role="xconf/myuser.xconf" attribute  in the cocoon tag or
> something like that, seek into the mailing list )  to use the
> searchengine.xconf
> maybe the declaration format changes , see the doc for the component
> declaration in 2.1
> but there are not speacial 2.2 feature used in the lucene block. so
> the transformer is 2.1 compatible. It's just a configuration pb.
> nicolas 
> On 8/22/05, Robert Goene <> wrote:
>>Thanks for your reply. I actually meant the LuceneIndexTransformer, not
>>a searchTransformer. I cannot make the one found in bugzilla work in my
>>setup. It is probably something very simple, but it could also be caused
>>by a fundamental difference betweeen cocoon 2.1 and 2.2
>>Are there any extra steps i need to take to use the
>>LuceneIndexTransformer2, like adding components to cocoon.xconf?
>>Thanks a lot!
>>Nicolas Maisonneuve wrote:
>>>i have a old searchTransformer that didn't work because i was
>>>refactoring all the project 'SearchTransformer, IndexTransformer) for
>>>working with Spring. and Hibernate and  cforms  for the configuration.
>>>the searchTransformer have a xml search query,  with 3 query type,
>>>fulltext query (choose the set of indexed field and  boost the raking
>>>of some  fields (ex: Title more important than body etc),   faceted
>>>classification  query, for hierarchical key word, and simple field
>>>but i'm really not proud  about my code , it's tirdy .. . maybe i can
>>>upload the code event if doesn't work , after cleaning and documenting
>>>the source.
>>>On 8/22/05, Robert Goene <> wrote:
>>>>I am working on the Apache Lenya project and integrating the
>>>>LuceneSearchTransformer. I saw the contribution of Nicolas Maisonneuve
>>>>to the Cocoon community
>>>>( and it
>>>>contained a number of features i wanted to implement myself. Of course,
>>>>i would love to use your contribution
>>>>The problem is that Lenya uses the 2.1.x version of Cocoon and not the
>>>>2.2 trunk. I get errors when running the transformer: the
>>>> component
>>>>could not be found.
>>>>Is this error caused by my version of cocoon or is it caused by a faulty
>>>>Thanks, Robert
>>Robert Goené
>>Kadijksplein 14-II
>>1018 AC Amsterdam
>>06 26090816

Robert Goené

Kadijksplein 14-II
1018 AC Amsterdam
06 26090816

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