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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: osgi in trunk - runtime failure
Date Sun, 21 Aug 2005 12:09:41 GMT
Thor Heinrichs-Wolpert wrote:
> I see knopflerfish in the trunk, but to compile it I have to copy the  
> knopflerfish jars from core to /lib/osgi/knopflerfish.

I have fixed the build system and init.xargs so that it should work 
without any manual work now.

> Ihave built it using
>   build osgi
>   cocoon osgi or ./ osgi
> as described in the README.osgi
> When I try and run it I get an error in this line:
> Error: Command "-install build/osgi/org.apache.cocoon_1.0.0.jar"  
> failed, Failed to install bundle: No such  
> file or directory
> The file is there, and the template right beside it loads fine, so  I'm 
> assuming there is a missed dependency somewhere.
> Any hints?

The error message wasn't that instructive, the problem was that a number 
on of libraries was updated without updating the Bundle-Classpath in the 
manifest file 
The Bundle-Classpath should be created automatically to avoid such 
problems. But as we are switching build system to Maven2 and most of the 
libraries inside the Cocoon core bundle should be own bundles, I didn't 
found it worthwhile to fix right now.

The OSGi stuff should work now, you probably have to do a clean build 
first though.


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