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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: CoWarp (was Re: svn commit: r232855...)
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 04:41:32 GMT
The only concern I would have in bringing CoWarp into Cocoon (beside the 
name making me think it is an add-on for OS/2 :-) ) is that I'd want to 
evaluate it against using acegi as the "standard" authentication 
mechanism.  Having said that, I have no familiarity with CoWarp and have 
only read some high level stuff about acegi, but from that reading it 
looks like a very robust framework.  There was some discussion about it 
on the users list a few months ago


Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

>If there is *high* community interest in hosting it at Apache I'm willing to
>move. In fact, lack of a community was one of the main reasons in
>creating Cowarp outside of Apache. Look at many of our blocks (incl. the
>famous authentication block), most of them do not have a community.
>They're a one man show (or sometimes a two man show). Apache is about
>communities, and I think as long as the project does not have a real
>community it should not be at Apache.
>So, my suggestion is, if there are people interested in it, speak up,
>lets create a comunity outside at Apache first and then move it.
>And I think currently we have way too many blocks and adding another one
>makes Cocoon even complexer. It seems everyone who has a good idea just
>adds another block (with no or minimal community). Just adding a jar
>dependency is much simpler from the complexity point of view.
>Another advantage is that I can use Maven for building Cowarp -
>something our build system does not provide. But for me using Maven is
>another prerequisite :)
>In the end, yes, I'm willing to move if this creates a community here.

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