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From Michael Wechner <>
Subject Re: [JCR Block] Viewing content of properties and last modified
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2005 21:36:52 GMT
Sylvain Wallez wrote:

> Michael Wechner wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have two questions re the JCR Block
>> 1) How can one actually access the content of properties?
> You cannot access them directly with the JCRNodeSource, which is meant 
> to represent file-like abstractions which are mapped to nodes.

wouldn't it make sense to actually implement this for JCR source?
I mean extend it to JCR properties.

> Now such a source, you can get the corresponding Node and then do 
> whatever you want with it.

yes, I can list all nodes by using the TraversableGenerator, but I think it
would make sense it the the JCR Source in combination with the 
would allow to get the content of a JCR property, e.g.

<property name="" value="">

>> 2) I don't fully understand how lastModified is being handled.
>>   From looking at the implementation it seems to me that only
>> "content nodes" can have a lastModified, but I probably misunderstand
>> something, right?
> The idea here is that the node holding the content also holds the 
> property that gives the last modification. The distinction between 
> file node and content node is more a point of view, and a given node 
> should be able to have both roles.

nodes which don't have the content role, but maybe are just a 
"collection" should
also have a last modified, because they might received a new child, right.

It seems to me otherwise for instance the TraversableGenerator won't 
reread the node show the new children, or am I confusing something.



Michael Wechner
Wyona      -   Open Source Content Management   -    Apache Lenya                          

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