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From hepabolu <>
Subject [VOTE] Website update process
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2005 15:20:19 GMT

I don't know if a vote for this is required, but I'd like to have 
consensus/feedback, before I do something drastic.

As written earlier today there are gaps in the current version of the 
website, e.g. FAQs are missing. What I'd like to do is restore the 
current content of the website ASAP, BUT using Daisy as the source.
This comes down to the following steps:

- compare current Daisy content with counterparts in SVN BRANCH and 
update Daisy accordingly (I'll do this)
- update Daisy with missing content (i.e. the missing pages from the 
website) (me)
- do a Daisy-to-Forrest export (Ross?)
- update the website as described on the wiki 
Note: all stays as it is now, navigation, content etc.
- when the website is correctly generated:
   - remove all documentation from BRANCH (me)
   - remove all identical pages from TRUNK (me)
   - move all remaining documentation pages from TRUNK to Daisy, marking 
them for TRUNK


Bye, Helma

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