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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: Suggestion for XHTMLSerializer
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 22:30:11 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:
> I still don't see why we should add a component to the Cocoon codebase, 
> where we know from the beginning that it is "not best practice" (better 
> formulation than my "problematic", but meaning the same).

I'll rephrase what I wrote in one short sentence:

   Anything can be either used 'as recommended', or abused.

I don't see how TraxSerializer is different. It can be used following 'best 
practice', or it can be abused (as was shown in the snipped part). It can be in 
the scratchpad forever and nobody will (ab)use it, or it can be documented with 
well defined 'best practices' and in wide use.

It's not even much different from base Serializer interface - the major 
difference is that it provides another implementation language. Should we then 
ban JavaScript (Python, Ruby, etc) on the basis that it makes development too 
easy? Or may be we should use them but remember to apply 'best practices'?


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