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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Suggestion for XHTMLSerializer
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 06:34:55 GMT
On 09.08.2005 02:17, Vadim Gritsenko wrote:

>> From the pipeline's POV it's not 1:1 as the serializer decides to 
>> which output format the XML is serialized, so it is 1:n, so the output 
>> is also not predictable for the pipeline.
> Output of the serializer is never predictable, otherwise no need for
>     /**
>      * Get the mime-type of the output of this <code>Component</code>.
>      */
>     String getMimeType();

1. This does not change the content, only the headers.
2. It's configured in the sitemap or even hard-coded in the serializer - 
and so nothing with dynamic access. Or is there any serializer 
determining this option dynamically?

>> But IMO the codebase is already to big. There are so many components 
>> based on problematic approaches (SourceWritingTransformer, 
> What would be the migration path? (beside flow).

I don't want to replace every "problematic" component that I don't like. 
I just don't use them.

>> DOMSessionTransformer (both with side effects))
> You mean WriteDOMSessionTransformer? Should be deprecated, imho. Could 
> be replaced with SourceWritingTransformer and dom source, or some such.

Yes, and it's pendant the ReadDOMSessionTransformer. About replacing it: 
We talked about it since the contribution of the XModule source by 

But we leave the original topic here.

>> or widely unused (why is the TraxGenerator still in trunk after more 
>> than 2 years?).
> <shrug> Some of the code is 5 or 6 years old. So what? </shrug>
> It's in the scratchpad.

That was what I meant. It's in the scratchpad for more than two years.


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