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From Max Larsson <>
Subject Source resolving wired behaviour
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 13:40:50 GMT
Hi everybody,

i have a question about source resolving, which drives me nuts.
In my own Treansformer extended from AbstractSAXTransformer i make
the follwoing lines within the metod startTransformingElement:

Source resource = SourceUtil.getSource( attr.getValue( COLLECT_INCLUDE_ELEMENT_SRC_ATTRIBUTE

// if i print resource.getURI() the string machts the desired cocoon pipline.

SourceUtil.toSAX( resource,xmlConsumer,null,true );

// always fail because it parses the default pipline, which contains a reader

How can resouirce point to the desire pipeline match and SourceUtil.toSax() or
resource.getInpuSTream() always returns the default pipeline/match
(ala match="" or match="**")?



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