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From Antonio Gallardo <>
Subject Re: Suggestion for XHTMLSerializer
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2005 18:32:35 GMT
BURGHARD √Čric wrote:

>>Of course serializers do transformations, you already wrote it: from SAX
>>to bytes. But there is one important difference: The behaviour of a
>>serializer (and at the end the output) is absolutely predictable. If you
>>feed the same SAX events into a specific serializer you will always get
>>the same result.
>So the behavior of a transformer is not absolutely predictable ? If i feed
>my xsl transformers with the same stylesheet and the same data, the result
>is hopefully the same. I hope that predictability is a quality shared not
>only among serializers but by all cocoon components ;-).
Yes, of course.

>>And to come back to Antonio's absolutely correct interjection about the
>>virtual serializers: This is the point were you can put together again
>>the above mentioned additional transformer steps and the standard
>He was just wondering if this thread was about virtual serialization. It's
I was not wondering, I saw your request exaclty as a "virtual 
serializers" usecase. This is something we want to address for cocoon 2.2.

I believe, I understand your point: "Process the lastest tranformation 
with the (X)HTML serializer". It is OK. Note that ,as Joerg said, : "It 
is only an implementation matter". Something that the virtual serializer 
need to address. I am sure this will save us "one SAX event generation 
step" in this special case.

>XSLSerializer is a full featured serializer which can play the role of
>a serializer in a virtual serializer if you really want to virtualize, but
>what's the use of this extra step if i could do it in one, without bugs and
>without breaking any pattern design ?
Agreed (see above). On the other hand, I think the suggested 
XSLSerializer will requiere a XSL file with a <xsl:output> instruction? 
How we will be able to reuse this XSL file in a tranformer? Thinking 5 
seconds, I see 2 posible solutions (I don't like none of them):

1-Copy&paste the XSLT and remove the <xsl:output> tag for tranformer usage.
2-Let the XSLTranformer ignore the <xsl:output> tag.

Can you have a better solution for that?

I read you are tired of this discussion. Me too. It is not the best way 
to discuss this topics by exchanging mails. But this is the only way we 
can discuss right now. Please don't think we are just trying to reject 
your suggestions at any cost. It is not the case. We are trying to give 
you more information about how the things works, the next planned steps. 
We are open minded and what we want the best for cocoon. ;-)

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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