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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: RefDoc - Neutral XML Document Format Input/Current State
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 13:29:19 GMT
Robert Graham wrote:

>>Note that these assume a dynamic search of the refdoc index - I think
>>the full power of the refdoc will be available only when querying the
>>Lucene index directly, as is done in some of these use-cases, but the
>>document-oriented version (that will probably be published as static
>>HTML pages) will contain the same information, only with less precise
>>searches. The Lucene index will be available to people who start Cocoon
>>on their own machines anyway, so I think having to use the Lucene index
>>for precise queries is not a big problem.
> I always have believed that a dynamic use was if not the end goal for
> this project it was at least the target for RefDoc in the future. We
> still have a month to complete whatever it is you'd like and perhaps I
> could better achieve it if I knew what you had in mind? Although, I'd
> like to finish even if it isn't before September.

The dynamic searching capability can be got for free by integrating your 
work into Forrest (a cocoon based publishing framework that is used by 
Cocoon and many other projects to publish their websites [1]). We (the 
Forrest devs) are watching with interest. If you can make it work in a 
static environment then it is a simple step to create a plugin in 
Forrest which already includes Lucene for searching.

Of course, Bertrand may have something else in mind as well.



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