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Subject SQLTransformer design question
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 18:21:37 GMT
We are trying to convert some older XML applications to using Cocoon.

We like the implementation of the SQLTransformer for use in our converted Cocoon applications
as well as new Cocoon applications.

But in using the SQLTransformer we have run into application 
specific barriers. 

1. We use other metadata (labels, types...) and include it in the output xml.

2. We need to check the data coming back from the DB for any use of predefined entities within
the data and fix accordingly. 

3. We have database design specific issues we have to deal with 

4. ...

Some of the code could be implemented in the SQLTransformer but other code is our own application\database
design specific implementation
and not useful for all uses of the SQLTransformer. 

Being able to use inheritance - extending the SQLTransformer would be ideal in our situation.

Our barrier to be able to extend the SQLTransformer is the Inner Class Query is either package
access in the 2.1.7 version or now refactored to private access in the latest code base.

Could Query be a interface with a default implementation , a non Inner Public Class, a simple
Protected Inner Class...? 
Is there some other way of allowing inheritance?

Our alternative is to write our own custom Transformer that takes into account our application
specific needs. However we would only do this as a last resort and would like to use the SQLTransformer
as a base. 
If the people that design and maintain the SQLTransformer could maybe give some insight into
these questions that would be great. 

If needed we are willing to make changes to the SQLTransformer to allow it to be extended,
in whatever way the Cocoon group sees correct.

Thanks for your time and great work,


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