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From "Jens Maukisch" <>
Subject AW: [Portal] Skinning questions
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 07:11:13 GMT

I'll try to answer some of your questions :-)

> I just could find some transformation in the sitemap.xmap 
> that were refering to 
> +portal-page.xsl

The portal-page.xsl is applied to the xml produced by the portal generator
in the sitemap.

> How are the other xsl-stylesheets processed like e.g. 
> tab.xsl. 

They are processed "inside" the Portal Generator.

They are configured in the cocoon.xconf as "renderer".

logger="portal" name="borderless-window">
             <aspect type="xslt">
                 <parameter name="style"

the renderer is then referenced in the layout:

        <coplet-layout name="coplet"

If the PortalGenerator processes the coplet it will render it (apply the
stylesheet) with the
referenced layout-renderer.

> Another question is the portal view. 

> Does that mean we can have
> a) user based portal
> b) role based portal
> c) global based portal
> views?


> Would it be possible to extend this? 
> a) user based portal
> b) role based portal
> c) request based portal
> d) directory (relative to the request) based portal
> e) doctype based portal
> f) global based portal views?

Don't know (and I don't understand for what some of them should be used :-))

> Last but not least, is it possible to have coplet specific rendering
(better coplet specific layout)? How can this be done?

As mentioned above you can specify a layout renderer für each coplet-layout.

> My background is the recent prototype of the forrest new skinning concept
which has the codename "forrest:views". I would like to try to > incooperate
this into the portal. 

I don't know the concept yet, but I'll have a look at it later.



Jens Maukisch
Open Source Group, S&N AG

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