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From Andreas Hartmann <>
Subject [jcr] Scope of JCRNodeSource
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2005 10:23:28 GMT
Hi Cocoon devs,

I'm currently examining the JCR block (thanks, Sylvain, Michi and all others
who were involved!)

Some questions:

1) IIUC, every time a source is resolved a new JCR session is created.
    Does this mean that no transactions can be used?
    Maybe it would make sense to attach the JCR session to the Cocoon
    session, so that all resolved JCRNodeSources save their data to a
    single session which would allow them to take part in a single

2) How about storing additional custom properties (e.g., meta data)
    in the node which is represented by the source?

3) How about locking and versioning?

I read a comment by Ugo Cei that it would make sense to drop the Cocoon
Repository block in favor of the JCR block. Does that mean that the
JCRNodeSource would be extended to provide access to JCR functionality?

Sorry if these questions have been answered before, I didn't find anything
on this list.


-- Andreas

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