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From Heh <>
Subject Re: GSoC project - cform XUL status request
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 18:06:38 GMT
Hi Antonio,

a basic set of XUL form widgets are able to be rendered through the
publishing pipeline, by add new XSLT transformers based on forms field
stying and forms page stying. A few bugs need to be fixed, also not
all form attributes are considered, some other issues like XUL form
elements positioning need to match up with the original html form. So
the XUL form display part is finishing up, at least the bone is there.

Next is the XUL form processing. My understanding is that XUL is
inherently a "form", that's what a User Interface is supposed to do.
But a html form is an add-on to the HTML document,  so compared to
HTML forms, XUL has no equivalent to the <FORM> tag (maybe because
it's already a form), and if a XUL application is to behave like an
HTML form, then form submission scripts need to be added to each XUL
form. I am thinking about how to use XMLHttpRequest object to
implement XUL form submission functionality. Any suggestions are
welcome here, it's the design issue, what aspects should I consider?

I try to put up a minimum set of working functions as soon as
possible, get some feedback, and gradually add more or refine. By
participating this project, I am also interested in knowing how FOSS
works from the point of view of Software Engineering, what's the
differences between FOSS development and proprietary software
development in terms of software engineering? one thing I learned so
far is that everything seems to be open here, open design, open
communication, open vote, etc.

This is a big topic, so I'll start with the testing part, does there
really exist alpha and beta test in FOSS development? How cocooners
conduct unit testing, regression testing( or say best practices, what
kind of testing tools are you using)? If I have some code ready, what
should I do next to efficiently and effectively get any feedback from
the community?
Thanks in advance.


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