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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: community input on the GSoC
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 10:36:35 GMT

Torsten Curdt wrote:

> On the other hand providing svn commit access
> also means handing out an address
> (required for technical reasons) and (to some extend)
> access to the apache infrastructure. Not everyone is
> really excited about that. Less for security reasons,
> but more how it could be perceived by the community.
> Some of us fear that giving away an
> account (although it is restricted) might produce
> feelings of disappointment in people who already
> contributed to the community and who are on the
> committer radar already.

I don't see how this should affect people "on the committer radar". If
you're on the "committer radar" you'll perfectly understand what GSOC is
and does and what the goals of the project are and how it really can
benefit cocoon.

> Some fear it could be perceived we are giving away
> this "honor" now for less (...although providing svn
> access and the address does *not* mean
> the students magically become committers ...they'd
> only get a *limited* and *temporary* access to a
> separate part of our repository. There are no usual
> committer privileges associated with this. No
> voting rights, etc)

I wouldn't rate contributing to cocoon via GSOC less than contributing
through normal patches. So IMO the "honor" (even though temporary) is
equally deserved here.

>  o give them limited svn access
>     - give them a full address (
>     - add a prefix to the address (
don't see why but then again why not

Is having a separate branch per GSOC project an option? That way they
can play all they like, all it would need is a few days of integration
maybe at the end of the project. Repository permissions are clearer, and
anyone interested in the progress would just need to check out the
appropriate branch.

I'ld say we make it as easy as possible for these guys to get motivated
and to contribute in the most efficient way.


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