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From Robert Graham <>
Subject Configuring Lucene Indexing
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2005 22:23:24 GMT

I just want the Lucene Indexer to listen to the configuration I want
to provide it.

  <lucene-xml-indexer logger="">
      <index-fields>snippet_id, metadata, comment</index-fields>
      <store-fields>snippet_id, metadata, comment, filename, key,

I put this in WEB-INF/xconf/cocoon-lucene.xconf -- in the
documentation it says to put it in the cocoon.xconf, but it seems like
it belongs in cocoon-lucene.xconf. The cocoon-crawler,
lucene-xml-indexer, etc. tags are all there by default. I assume that
if correct this configuration will set the indexer to try to
store/index those fields when encountered in making an index. It
doesn't seem to do anything different from when I didn't have it in
terms of the index generated at
http://localhost/cocoon/samples/blocks/lucene/create. I was under the
assumption that it would.

In trying to write java code to get around this and simply use
org.apche.cocoon.components.crawler.CocoonCrawler and the Lucene
block's classes to do things myself I keep running into problems with
the ServiceManager stuff from the Avalon Framework. I don't understand
how to set the manager and so it throws a lot of NullPointer
Exceptions. Even if this were not a problem, they indexer would still
presumably not index the fields I'm trying to get it to.

Any help is appreciated.


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