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From Robert Graham <>
Subject Re: cocoon-refdoc initial code is in the whiteboard
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 03:12:42 GMT
I'm a little confused as to how the wildcard matchers work here:

With a given URI  snippets/samples/subdir/dummy-sitemap.xweb

{global.codebase} = ../annotated-code
That folder contains the files referenced by the pipeline.

<map:match pattern="*/**.*">
        <map:generate type="slop" src="{global:codebase}/{2}.{3}">

Here we have four asterisks. By my understanding {1}, {2}, {3}, and
{4} respectively from left to right. Now {2}.{3} in this case is
"dummy-sitemap.xweb" because {2} is the filename and {3} the
extension, but from my understanding the last asterisk should match
the extension. This isn't the case, but I was hoping someone could
better elucidate the wildcard matching sequence there.


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