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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject [CForms] Creating an intermediate object in binding
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2005 14:04:10 GMT
Let's assume I have a Person class:

public class Person {
   public String getFirstname();
   public String getLastname();
   public Address getAddress();

and an Address class:

public class Address {
   public String getStreet();
   public String getTown();

I am building a form interface for editing a Person, with this binding:

<fb:value id="street" path="address/street"/>

Now, when trying to save the form, JXPath will do a  
jxpathContext.createPathAndSetValue which will fail because  
person.getAddress() is null and the JXPath context doesn't know how to  
create an Address.

I could work around this problem by making sure person.address is not  
null before loading it into the form, but I don't like this solution. A  
better option, maybe, would be setting a factory on the context, like  
is shown here: 

My problem is: where do I set this factory in CForms, assuming this is  
possible at all?

	Thanks in Advance,


Ugo Cei
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