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From Dan Ochs <>
Subject how to add a Select All to a cocoon forms table?
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 14:03:45 GMT
Hi everyone, I sent this to the users list first and got no reply, so
I'm trying here.  I am new to cocoon forms and am trying to figure out
the best way
to add a select all/none link into a multivaluefield element.  So far
I have tried to detect the checkbox click with a fd:on-value-changed
element in the fd:field element, but that doesn't seem to be working.
Does anyone know the best way to implement this?  I have it working if
I just put the link and javascript directly in the form template since
I know how the form elements will be named, but I'm assuming there is
a better or more proper way to do this.  The field definition code I
have so far is below, the on-value-changed is not
working as far as I can see...

Another way I can ask these same concepts more generically is:
In the cocoon forms examples, the Various (Actions) example, how would
a Select None/All link be added to the table column with the title of
Select.  (and as a separate question, how would I get the row
background colors to alternate?)

any help is appreciated!
thanks, dan

<fd:multivaluefield id="myTypes">
        <fd:datatype base="string"/>
                <fd:value-count min="1"/>
                <fd:item value="value1">
                        <fd:label>Label 1</fd:label>
                <fd:item value="value2">
                        <fd:label>Label 2</fd:label>
                <fd:item value="value3">
                        <fd:label>Label 3</fd:label>

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