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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: GSoC project - cform XUL status request
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 06:25:37 GMT
On 27.07.2005 07:04, Antonio Gallardo wrote:
>>> If you do, you might want to look at Sylvain's work on Ajax with 
>>> CForms. With that, JavaScript on the browser does XMLHTTPRequests 
>>> back to Cocoon, and CForms replies with partial XML based upon just 
>>> the part of the form that has changed. This, to my ill-informed eye 
>>> seems like much the same functionality as you would need for XUL.
>> With the difference that you don't need AJAX with XUL. Or better said 
>> - as both rely on XMLHttpRequest, so that's not exactly the difference 
>> - you don't pass complete parts of a page as HTML snippets to the 
>> client, which will replace existing parts in a page with the new stuff 
>> using DOM functions. You simply reload a RDF datasource and the 
>> template on the client will rebuild the specific parts depending on 
>> this datasource. IIRC I posted two links in one of these mails. If not 
>> I can search for them again (it was on
> Do you mean something like this demo:
> More info here:

Yeah, this looks like a perfect example. It gives a real Rich Client 


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