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From Antonio Gallardo <>
Subject Re: GSoC project - cform XUL status request
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 03:35:04 GMT
Heh wrote:

>Hi Antonio,
Hi! :-)

Sorry for my late answer. I have been very busy today.

>a basic set of XUL form widgets are able to be rendered through the
>publishing pipeline, by add new XSLT transformers based on forms field
>stying and forms page stying. A few bugs need to be fixed, also not
>all form attributes are considered, some other issues like XUL form
>elements positioning need to match up with the original html form. So
>the XUL form display part is finishing up, at least the bone is there.
Excelent! In my next mail, I will start a vote aimed to give you 
committer access to share your work with the comunity.

>Next is the XUL form processing. My understanding is that XUL is
>inherently a "form", that's what a User Interface is supposed to do.
>But a html form is an add-on to the HTML document,  so compared to
>HTML forms, XUL has no equivalent to the <FORM> tag (maybe because
>it's already a form), and if a XUL application is to behave like an
>HTML form, then form submission scripts need to be added to each XUL
>form. I am thinking about how to use XMLHttpRequest object to
>implement XUL form submission functionality. Any suggestions are
>welcome here, it's the design issue, what aspects should I consider?
Good. Please also review the AJAX suport for CForms that Sylvain wrote 3 
months ago:

>I try to put up a minimum set of working functions as soon as
>possible, get some feedback, and gradually add more or refine. By
>participating this project, I am also interested in knowing how FOSS
>works from the point of view of Software Engineering, what's the
>differences between FOSS development and proprietary software
>development in terms of software engineering? one thing I learned so
>far is that everything seems to be open here, open design, open
>communication, open vote, etc.
>This is a big topic, so I'll start with the testing part, does there
>really exist alpha and beta test in FOSS development? How cocooners
>conduct unit testing, regression testing( or say best practices, what
>kind of testing tools are you using)? If I have some code ready, what
>should I do next to efficiently and effectively get any feedback from
>the community?
Perhaps this is not exactly written as you might expect, but I think you 
should read this to understand more about the FOSS development methodology:

>Thanks in advance.
Thanks to you! ;-)

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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