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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: GSoC project - cform XUL status request
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 22:34:29 GMT
Heh wrote:
> Joerg,
> In your previous email, you mentioned something like: 
> "The really interesting part with XUL is to use it as rich client, i.e. to
> avoid rendering the complete page on each request, but only the parts that
> need to be rendered."
> Are you talking about some sort of "one-screen form handling" feature like this:
> the above is implemented in flash though, I think we can achieve
> similar effects in XUL.
> I like this feature, it could be used in other situations like
> checkout. Should I include this feature into my project? Antonio? I am
> not sure how much work is needed to implement this feature.

If you do, you might want to look at Sylvain's work on Ajax with CForms. 
With that, JavaScript on the browser does XMLHTTPRequests back to 
Cocoon, and CForms replies with partial XML based upon just the part of 
the form that has changed. This, to my ill-informed eye seems like much 
the same functionality as you would need for XUL.


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