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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Cforms Library design decision(s)
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 16:50:11 GMT
On 26.07.2005 13:53, Max Pfingsthorn wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> First of all, thank you very much for your warm welcome on our little excursion to ApacheCon
last week! It was great! :)
> Now, it is down to business for me though. I discussed with Silvain about the problem
of inclusion/inheritance/partial definitions briefly. It is rather easy to do this using xslt/pipelines/cincludes,
however it may be more beneficial using generating something like the Java Form model from
libraries instead. Speed may be an advantage here.
> I've tried out some things and here are some pros/cons. Maybe we can discuss about it
briefly here so my additions are usable.
> I guess this shows I should go for the object model, but what do you guys think?

Hi Max,

I also prefer the objects - and if it would only be for easier debugging 
in case of errors. The rapid development is not so important IMO, 
because a "normal" user should not come in touch with this code - it 
belongs to the CForms framework. And if he needs to get in touch with 
it, then because he needs very special stuff - and here - you already 
pointed it out - XSLT can be a mess.

> My plan so far is this:
> 1. Implement extra LibraryDefinition and LibraryDefintionBuilder, etc (taking hints/code
from the whiteboard)
> 2. Finish porting Whiteboard code to trunk version of forms
> 3. Move config verification code to the defintion classes and out of the builders so
partial defintions become possible
> 4. Define some inheritance rules in the definition builders (e.g. you can't override
a widget's type, or you can only add new validators, etc)
> 5. Write javadoc while coding (of course) and user doc with samples
> 6. Write unit tests.. I only see one in svn, so I guess this is something to work on

Sounds good.

> I would think that I can do 1/2 and maybe 3 until next week. After that, it would be
time for a little demo, I guess, so to make the bugs shallow ;) After bugs are mostly taken
care of, it should be rather downhill. Lots to write, but no deep thinking required.
> Also, Reinhard asked me to come up with some rules to measure my success in. I would
say the points I mentioned before are my deliverables, and since there are so little test
cases for now (only for the field widget), we make 6. optional? I don't have that much experience
in writing test cases and I think, regarding form's unstable status and the renaming campaign
between 2.1.6 and 2.1.7, it is not really the main point right now.

But it would be extremely cool ;-)

> What do you guys think about the plan?
> Then again, I don't know what will happen in the main trunk after I fork to whiteboard...
Will something major happen in the next 3 weeks within forms or the blocks in general? Especially
with all that OSGi stuff going on? Or am I safe over August where everyone goes on vacation

I don't think that major thinks will happen, but I don't know the plans 
of others of course. About OSGi: Isn't it minimal invasive - so why 
should it have any influence? ;-)


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