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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [RT] The impact of using OSGi
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 12:42:15 GMT
Torsten Curdt wrote:

>>> ...OSGi by default doesn't do any dependency resolution. Either by 
>>> package, or by 'block'. In which case, if we use Maven for it at 
>>> build time, we're still stuck with a need for it at deploy time, 
>>> which seems a little odd...
>> I don't think we should use Maven for runtime dependency  resolution,
>> as it's not its role.
> ...I think the dependency resolution is definitely an overlap
> with maven. The questions is whether there is code or at least
> knowledge that makes sense to share.
Would like to avoid too much cross-posting, but here goes :)

Portions of Maven2's code could definitely be used for runtime
dependency resolution, if that is required. The code is built around
components, of which the artifact management is one that is independant
of the rest of the Maven code. This is what is primarily used to build
the Ant tasks and exposes all of the dependency features Maven has.

It is independant of the metadata (though I haven't done any tests with
anything else, there is no tie in the code), so theoretically it could
resolve OSGi bundles directly. However if you end up using Maven (or the
Ant tasks) as the build system as well, it would work as is using
maven-project and the existing POM files from the repository (which
should include enough data to construct the information for an OSGi bundle).

To draw a parallel to this situation, there is actually a
repository-enabled version of the Plexus container that has been used in
the past which does runtime resolution of components from the Maven
repository using the artifact code - so it is definitely possible. This
is basically how Maven 2's plugin architecture works.

We have a couple of people looking into writing OSGi build plugins for
Maven and with everything going on at the moment in that space, Maven's
ability to work with OSGi will definitely be important going forward.

Hope this helps. I'll try and follow this thread from the archives of
the cocoon list, but feel free to post back to maven-dev again if there
are any questions.


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